Prevent Influenza Virus Naturally

Olea25® ~ 25% Bioactive Hydroxytyrosol Flu season is the time of year when you are most likely to get sick from the flu. In general, flu season can start anytime in late fall, peak in the mid winter (usually January or February), and continues through early spring. On average, flu season lasts about 13 weeks, which follows Read More

Pure Marine Collagen-AA Chart

Hydrolyzed Collagen & Optimum Athlete Recovery

Hydrolyzed Collagen Study ~ Adult Athletes  DENVER, May 25, 2006  ~ Results from a new study with adult athletes at the German Olympic Center in Essen, Germany to be presented at the upcoming meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine find that during a 12-week (3) study period, 79 percent of the study’s participants Read More

Collagen Type II(1)

Nature’s Complete Joint Health

Nature’s Complete Joint Health Support Innovative Nutraceuticals from Nature   Why CHOOSE  kollaGen II-xs™  In 1995 Mr. Ahmad Alkayali the original inventor of hydrolyzed collagen type II ~ Patent # US 6025327 A.   February 13, 2013 Certified Nutraceuticals Announced the New Issuance U.S. Patent #8,344,106 B1 for kollaGen II-xs™    Things to Know Before Read More

Olea25 diabetes

Olea25® ~ 25% Hydroxytyrosol Naturally Converts Vitamin D & Conquers Diabetes

Hydroxytyrosol Prevents Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Converts Vitamin D  Researchers have discovered a direct link between low vitamin D levels and insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and full-blown type 2 Diabetes. The study, which came out of Harbin Medical University in China, also revealed that even with a minor vitamin D deficiency, your risk of developing type Read More

Collagen Joint-1

Natural Alternative for Healthy Joints

Around 1.8 million people every year opt for hip or knee replacements as a result of osteoarthritis. Supplement with hydrolyzed collagen type II to avoid surgery as a natural alternative to prevent surgery at all cost. Surgery should always be the last alternative, once you’ve exhausted all other preventative resources. New research reveals that the patients Read More