Olea25® ~ 25% Hydroxytyrosol (Organic Olive Leaf) Extract

100% Pharmaceutical Food Grade Polyphenols ~ 25% Bioactive Hydroxytyrosol

Olea 25 ® ~ Combats Five Predominant Reactive Species

Highest Antioxidant Discovered to Date Worldwide


What is Hydroxytyrosol?

Hydroxytyrosol (3,4-dihydroxyphenylethanol)  is  a phenolic  phytochemical  with  highly  therapeutic antioxidant properties, along  with  an  amphiphilic structure  that  is concentrated in the (cytosol) cell membranes. This   indicates  Hydroxytyrosol   (HT) protects  the  cell  cytoplasm  in  the (water ~ lipid) interface of the phospholipid  bilayers  of  the  cell cytoplasm,  while   the  endogenous  formation  of Hydroxytyrosol   (DOPET)   via   Dopamine  (DOPA) oxidative  metabolism.  Therefore,  Hydroxytyrosol         is   the   only   phenolic   alcohol   compound   that surpass  the blood brain barrier  and  supports the mitochondria system and function.


What Are Dietary Phenolic Compounds?

Polyphenols  and  simple  phenols  are  secondary metabolites  of  plants  abundant  in  our daily  diet (fruits,  vegetables,   olive oil,  wine,  tea,   legumes,   dark cocoa, herbs and spices).  Studies  worldwide indicate that the risk of suffering certain diseases is reduced  depending  on   the   food  categories we consume  in  our daily  diet.   Epidemiological  data suggest  that  nutrients in  foods confer  protection against  all  neurodegenerative  diseases  that   are   known to present an imbalance  between  reactive oxygen  species (ROS)  production and the oxygen radical   absorbance capacity  (ORAC)    antioxidant defense system.

In  nature,  hydroxytyrosol  (DOPET)  is  found much more  concentrated  in  the   leaves:  1450mg   total phenolic/100g fresh leaf vs. 110mg/100g olive fruit   and 23mg/100ml extra virgin olive oil.  The  primary active compounds in the leaves are Hydroxytyrosol (phenolic alcohol) and  Oleuropein  (b-glycosidase), which is naturally hydrolyzed in the gastrointestinal track, then converts into an aglycone known as the precursor  metabolite  for  Hydroxytyrosol (DOPET).