Revers-e-Vine® Grapevine Extract

500 mg/ 30 Caplets

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Revers♡e-Vine® Grapevine Extract

Revolutionary New Discovery Stimulates Longevity Gene

Revers♥e-vine® (patent pending), a superior quality, highly purified supplement, reverses oxidative damage to cells and provides greater efficacy and performance than resveratrol alone. Revers♥e-vine® is extracted from a blend of grapevine, grape cluster stems, pesticide-free red grapes and grape skins.

Contains the necessary combined molecules to activate the SIRT-1 enzyme and increase the body’s defense mechanism.

Maximum potency Revers♥e-vine®, a new discovery, goes beyond resveratrol and contains special nutrients found only in grapevines. Laboratory tests show that these combined natural ingredients enhance the positive effects of Revers♥e-vineTM by reducing cell oxidation, repairing DNA damage, extending cellular lifespan, and demonstrating chemo-preventive activity. (Vitrac, Xavier, JAFC-2005).

Health Benefits of Revers♥e-vine®

  • Promotes heart health and DNA health protection
  • Supports immune system and liver function
  • Scientifically proven to reduce cell oxidation
  • Supports physical and mental performance
  • Helps to stimulate anti-aging enzyme SIRT1
  • Improves Physical & Mental Performance
  • Preserves moisture content keeping skin healthy and supple

Add Revers♥e-vine® to your daily vitamin regimen for a longer, healthier life. There is no comparison to any resveratrol product on the market.

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