Hydrolyzed Collagen & Optimum Athlete Recovery

Hydrolyzed Collagen Study ~ Adult Athletes 

DENVER, May 25, 2006  ~ Results from a new study with adult athletes at the German Olympic Center in Essen, Germany to be presented at the upcoming meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine find that during a 12-week (3) study period, 79 percent of the study’s participants had significant improvement in joint mobility and flexibility after a course of  Collagen Hydrolysate (AKA – Hydrolyzed Collagen).

Study Design

The post marketing surveillance study was conducted to determine whether  a nutritional supplement containing collagen hydrolysate, could ease restricted mobility and pain in athletes’ knees or hips when walking or climbing stairs, or pain in the shoulder when lifting and manipulating objects above the head.

Results and Discussion:

After the 12-week study, most participants had marked improvement in most of the metrics employed, with significant improvements in mobility, hip or knee pain related to exertion and when walking up stairs, and in shoulder pain when lifting and manipulating objects above the head. Pain on movement was eased in 78.2 percent of the 86 subjects whose study results were fully evaluated. In athletes with hip or knee pain and those with shoulder pain, 79.1 percent had reduced pain when climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects respectively. The athletes also gave collagen supplement good subjective scores for tolerance and taste. Additionally, the study found that there was a decreased use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen.





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